Card making tissue paper project

Tissue paper project using decoupage technique

Using toilet tissue or facial tissues can create an interesting decoupage effect, or even you could call it a fake Òrice paperÓ look. It is decoupaged over whatever you choose, as in this case, a part of a decorative party napkin. The tissue paper gives a subtle muting effect over the design beneath it.

Does it look kind of ethereal? Well, I'll let you decide! You could use pressed flowers as well, but that would require a little different technique which I will present also on a separate page. Could even try it over a plain colored surface, like plain colored cardstock. So, I give you the following on how you can make your own ÒhandmadeÓ specialty paper using toilet tissue paper for a card background. Using this humblest of papers to create one of the loftiest effects you will have a truly special card-making tissue paper project!

Supplies needed:

Pre-folded, pre-made blank ivory colored card (5Ó x 6 ?Ó after being folded once)

Pre-printed decorative party napkin

Toilet tissue paper (or can use facial tissues)

Pre-printed green specialty paper

Pale sage green voile ribbon

Card stock, ivory colored, cut to 3 ?Ó x 5 ?Ó

Ivory colored paper to use in computer printer

Double-sided stick tape dispenser

ElmerÕs glue diluted with water, or a decoupage glue diluted with water would work also. Make sure it is a glue that will dry clear.

Foam brush

Soft bristle brush


1. Very gently pull the decorative napkin layers apart, set aside.

2. Again, gently pull apart the tissue paper, set aside.

3. Using the foam brush, paint on the diluted glue onto the 3 ?Ó x 5 ?Ó card stock piece, taking care not to put too much on.

4. Lay the colored layer of the decorative napkin onto cardstock from step 3. Trim around edges extending beyond the edge of the cardstock, apply a little more glue, fold to the backside, press down. Let dry.

5. Crumple up the tissue paper layers carefully, taking care not to tear them.

6. Once the decorative napkin has dried, paint again with the diluted glue, layer the crumpled tissue papers over the decorative napkin, overlapping them a little. Fold pieces around to backside, apply glue, press down. Let dry.

7. With a soft bristle paintbrush dipped in the glue mixture, dab glue over the tissue paper so as not to tear it. Let creases form. Let dry. (Note: you could also decoupage the napkin on, then the tissue as in steps 3-6, let dry, then cut the piece to size.)

8. Meanwhile, using a computer printer, a chosen computer font, and ivory paper, type these words: Thank you for all youÕve doneÉ or another chosen phrase. I chose a reddish brown color for the font in the sample above.

9. Cut or trim on paper cutter to a ?Ó strip, carefully aligning your text so as not to cut too close to it. Set aside.

10. Using a deckled-edged scissors or rotary cutter with a deckle blade, cut the pre-printed green paper to 4 ?Ó x 5 ?Ó, or measure around the card piece with the decorative napkin and tissue paper applied (and already dried) to get a border of about 5/8Ó.

11. Once the napkin/tissue paper collage has dried, take the ?Ó strip of text from step 9, center the text on the front of the decoupaged piece, side-to-side (from steps 6-7).

12. Referring to the photo sample set the strip horizontally, slightly off center, i.e., let the strip set just below the center, horizontally, top to bottomÑagain, refer to the photo. Apply double-stick tape to each end on the backside of the strip, fold the ends underneath on each side, press to adhere.

13. Apply strips of double-stick tape on the back of the napkin/tissue paper piece, after applying the ?Ó text strip.

14. Attach to the deckle-edged green print card specialty paper.

15. Apply double-stick tape onto the back of the green print paper, place onto the pre-made, folded blank card.

16. Create a small green bow from the pale green ribbon, attach to the upper left corner using either fabric glue or the diluted glue mixture. Let dry.

17. And there you have it! Your own card, made with your own handmade "specialty paper" using toilet tissue paper!

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