Rubber stamping ideas and techniques

Most of my rubber stamping ideas come by looking in card making magazines or just out of my head. Actually, as most would likely agree, not only the theme is important, but the personality and possibly the age of the person for whom you are making the card; what I make for an 8-year-old girl will be entirely different from what I would design for an 80-year-old man. Well, duh, huh?

rubber stamping ideas for card making

Using clear glazes

Another technique I like to use is "drawing" clear drying glazes on top of my stamped images to give it more "pop" or a little more elegance. Brings out the color more too. Or if you use the pigment ink, apply clear embossing powder and heat emboss it, this will give a similar effect.

Adding glitter

I enhance my images often by using light touches of glitter glue for that extra sparkle and whimsey.

Alcohol ink

Alcohol ink is used in a myriad of ways, and is not, strictly speaking, rubber stamp ink nor a rubber stamping idea, but is used frequently to produce beautiful and interesting backgrounds on glossy card stock paper for rubber stamping images onto it, or whatever! It is popularly used in altered art techniques. I love it as a unique rubber stamping technique in the sense of creating backgrounds for stamped images.

Rubber stamping idea for making your own embellishments

rubber stamping idea:  card with flower and butterfly

Try stamping an image of say, a butterfly, that has a fairly simple outline. Put a little glitter on it, let it dry. Cut it out and and place it with a couple of adhesive dots beneath, so it lifts up from the card a little. This can be seen (a little) in the photo to the left here. So with your rubber stamps you can create some of your own really nice, inexpensive embellishments!

Creating stamped backgrounds

When I use inks that are more "saturated" (that is more wet or richly colored dye inks or pigment inks) I often will ink my stamp, tapping on the ink pad at various places, and then lightly place the stamp image on a blank piece of paper. Then I stamp it again on my card stock paper to get a softer, lighter image. Or randomly stamp the same image several times on your paper without reinking, to get some darker and then lighter images on the same piece of paper.

The photo here shows how I have applied multiple stamping of each image, with one shade in varying levels of intensity. I stamped onto a pre-printed greenish polka-dot patterned paper.

rubber stamping card with flower and butterfly

Please see the photo of some cards at the top of the home page to see how I used this rubber stamping idea: I created the small card with the green, stamped background, and then stamped over it with a blue colored butterfly.

Stamp kissing

Well, whatever you call it, stamp kissing or kiss stamping -- anyway, it is such a cool technique and an innovative rubber stamping idea. You are not limited to certain stamp designs that are out there, although these abound, as our pocket-books know too well. So anyhow, as the term implies, the stamps "kiss" each other. So, then what? Well, first: choose a solid shape stamp, like a flower, a square, a circle, letter, whatever, and don't ink it. Then, take another stamp of whatever shape, with a design in it, like line pattern details, or swirls. Ink that second stamp.

Now, here is the exciting part: Make these two stamps "kiss", which places the design of the inked patterned stamp onto the solid stamp. Then stamp the solid stamp and voila! You have an interesting outline of line art in the shape of the solid stamp. Think of the possibilities! You now have the exponential increase in rubber stamp designs at your disposal. I loved this technique - and still do - when I first read about it in a card-making magazine. See the photo above, the card at the far left, where I used this rubber stamping idea on the bird.

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