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It took me a long time to get my own craft room organization in order, and it is still a work in progress. I am sure anyone who does craft work can relate. It is a never ending job to get all of the bits and pieces and the papers and tools in order and accessible, along with, you guessed it, being easily found again for the next new project.

I am truly right-brained, so the process to do this is not by any means something that comes naturally to me. And as right-brained as I am, that means that it has to have the right esthetics appeal, and look inviting and comfortable to me to come and create in that space.

Any plan for craft room organization has to begin with thinking out your work-flow. So of course, that means as you sit at your work area, you want certain frequently used tools easily within reach without having to get up and walk across the room every time.

Craft organizers

You have to have workable craft organizers. This does not mean that you have to go out and invest in expensive items. Most crafters improvise their own by making use of baskets, decorative -- or for that matter, undecorative -- boxes, photo boxes, clear plastic boxes with lids, etc., etc. You can see some of the ways that I have improvised my own in the photos on this page. Whatever works for you, that is what matters.

Rubber stamping storage

How to arrange rubber stamping storage, this is one of the challenges of card making craft room organization, as stamps are foundational to most card making projects. Anyone who does stamping never has enough stamps. You have to have a way to catalog or categorize them -- you don't have to, but if you want to find them easily, this is recommended.

Unmounted stamps storage

In the photo here

unmounted stamps storage

I have stored some of my unmounted stamps in CD cases. I took the insides out of the cases, cut paper to fit inside the case label area, and stamped the images of the each on each piece of paper. I love this method as I can sort through the cases and glance at the images to see which ones I want to use. Some companies sell binders for storing unmounted stamps, another good system.

Rubber stamp ink pads

In thinking out orderly craft room organization, storage of rubber stamp ink pads is important since they are constantly being accessed. After who knows how long, I finally came up with a less than perfect way to organize them. I purchased a cardboard shelving unit designed for ink pad storage. See the photo -- I put the names of the ink colors on thin white labels that I cut down to size, then inked the edge of the label with the ink color. I categorize the them together according to the company that makes them.

rubber stamp ink pads storage

And of course, they are stored right on my work table where I can reach for them easily.

Another idea I came up with (I'm sure many do this) is to take one stamp image and stamp it in all of the different colors of ink pads, with the name of the color and the company next to each stamped image. See the photo just below.

rubber stamp inks

I put these on smooth, matte, white cardstock, slip them into plastic clear sleeves for 3-ring binders, and then put them into a 3-ring binder. I have one sheet stamped with blues, one with reds, one with browns, one with greens, etc.

Paper storage

For paper storage I use the clear plastic paper holders that stand the papers upright and keep them on the shelves of a cupboard with doors. This is an important component of craft room organization since paper storage can take up a fair amount of space. Being that papers are delicate you want to be able to access them without crumpling or bending them too much from handling.

Embellishment storage

Since embellishments are the heart and soul of most card making projects, you've gotta have a good way to store them -- that is, have really good accessibility, and readily "viewable." They, like the ink pads, rubber stamps and papers, are part and parcel of your "artist's palette." And they come in an infinite variety.

To see more about embellishments please go to this page.

Organizing ribbons

See the photo above of the spools of ribbons. It is cardboard shelving for ribbons, something I found in a craft store in one of the scrapbooking aisles. The ribbons that had been on it were removed to put out for display. I asked a sales associate if I could have it, and she let me take it home. The structure is made of shelves tilted up slightly to keep the spools in place and has side pieces.

For more ideas, go to this page for a DIY project for craft room organization to build your own craft work table.

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