Card making inspiration for everyone!

Card making is a great paper craft for any age and I invite you to embark on an adventure in design and color that almost anyone can enjoy at any level of crafting skill or artistic ability.

You will find instructions, inspiration, tips, techniques and samples to make cards for various occasions.

Making your own cards: Practical but from your heart

Besides books and letters, cards, as the simplest form of communication, can be adapted to a gamut of occasions where a special communication is in order from one person to another. Whether you are a busy executive or a stay-at-home-mom.

Like me, I am sure you realize that it is a truly unique and creative way to convey your own heart-felt sentiments from making the card itself, to the wording you use to express those sentiments for someone special to you.

Not something the store-bought cards can do quite as well.

Card making techniques for you, no matter what!

On this site you will find card making how to's for kids all the way to the bride-to-be.

Since most of us are constantly running out the door and doing everything last minute (is this what we call "Stress?"), you will find the perfect I'm-about-to-run-out-the-door-and-I'm-stressed card designs.

For those that plan carefully and do everything ahead of time (I confess, I'm not one), I have provided techniques to make those cards for you too: i.e., they are a little more complex.

teabag folding wedding card

In fact, you may want to frame your cards instead of giving them away!

Actually, why not just make cards because it is just plain inspirational, creative and relaxing? Might give aromatherapy a run for the money! Card making definitely belongs in the mix of "therapies!"

Whether you are saying Happy Birthday! or extending your sympathies, you will find a good sampling on this site of detailed instructions and photos for each type of card with many techniques and styles used throughout.

In search of a crafter's organization haven...

Mind if I just throw in something on the quest for the "holy grail" of craft room organization? Mine is quite multipurpose and always needs help in this area. Maybe you share your craft area with ironing, laundry, your children's play room and perhaps the pet ferret?

Well, organization is in order (no pun intended) and makes the whole card making thing so much more fun! More on this elsewhere on this site.

Projects and ideas

One thing for sure, you will see how to use all sorts of embellishments--and the variety is off the charts!

For instance, besides embossing powders, glitters and ribbons, and even things that perhaps you have not even thought of--take, altered hardware store stuff or altered stuff-for-the-recycling-bins for example.

Supplies abound, and as to how much of it or the cost of it, well, I think it just depends on you. You can make it as simple as you would like, or as complex and artistic as you wish. I've been from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Wherever you may find yourself in this spectrum, I'm just here to be an inspiration to you!